Shehnai Duet - Lal & Shankar (11, 1-8)


Shehnai Duet – Lal & Shankar (11, 1-8)

The Artist

Shehnai master Pandit Anant Lal was born in a family with the musical heritage of Benares. The shehnai has been played in his family for over 250 years. Pandit Anant Lal has gained recognition in India and abroad for his outstanding performances. He has been honored twice with the Sangeet Natak Award given by the President of India.

Pandit Daya Shankar, son of Pandit Anant Lal, has become popular for his concerts throughout India, America, Europe and many other countries. His recitals are marked by a purity and simplicity of execution which creates a soothing and calming influence on the listener.

Anant Lal and Daya Shankar are accompanied by Shri Nanak Chand on tabla, and by Shri Khem Chand on swarmandal and swarpati.

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