Conversations with Maharishi Vol 1


Dr Vernon Katz and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Speaking about Full Development
of Human Consciousness

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By Dr. Vernon Katz

Hardcover, 393 pages

Published in 2011

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Speaks about Full Development
of Human Consciousness

The majestic panoramas of Lake Tahoe in California and the Kashmir Valley in the Himalayas provided the ideal settings for the conversations in this book.
It was there in 1968 and 1969 that Maharishi began his as-yet-unpublished commentary on the Brahma Sutra, a key text of the timeless wisdom of Vedanta. The penetrating questions asked by Dr. Katz inspired deep insights from Maharishi on the
nature and development of higher states of consciousness. Through Maharishi’s words, the ultimate reality of life becomes meaningful and practical for people living today: anyone can awaken the wholeness of consciousness within. These conversations are suffused with bliss and serve as a tribute to Maharishi’s legacy of knowledge for full development of the human heart and mind.

Maharishi: People will
enjoy this book. They
will enjoy your insight.

VK: I haven’t any insight.
It’s your wisdom they will
enjoy, and they will enjoy
it all the more when set
against my ignorance.

Maharishi: See what
insight you have!

“Dr. Vernon Katz brought such huge delight to Maharishi.
His sweet and lovable nature was one thing-but his powerful
and highly discriminating intellect and his repeated enquiries
to Maharishi inspired Maharishi so much. Maharishi in
conversation with Vernon brought out wave upon wave of
the highest knowledge to satisfy Vernon’s thirst to understand
fully the Brahm Vidya that Maharishi was expounding to the
world. And Maharishi loved him for it. Vernon’s role has been a singular one in the
history of Maharishi’s unfoldment of Total Knowledge from the Vedic tradition.
We are all grateful to him for what he has done for all of us, and for sharing his
fascinating conversations with Maharishi in this book.” – Dr. Bevan Morris, Prime
Minister Global Country of World Peace, President Maharishi University of Management


“In this long-awaited book, we join Dr. Vernon Katz as he sits by Maharishi’s side,
and we listen in on these exhilarating conversations about the highest potential of
human life. We are on the scene as Maharishi brings to light the precious knowledge
of enlightenment in its original purity and completeness. This book presents a clear
exposition of this timeless wisdom along with the delight of being with Maharishi
personally, in itself a treasure.” – Dr. Craig Pearson, author, The Complete Book of
Yogic Flying and The Supreme Awakening (in press)


About the Author

Vernon Katz is a trustee and a visiting
professor at Maharishi University of
Management, Fairfield, Iowa, U.S.A. He
earned a first class honours degree and
a doctorate in philosophy from Oxford
University. His thesis
on Indian philosophy
was supervised
by Dr. Sarvepalli
Radhakrishnan, the
eminent philosopher
who became India’s
second president.


Vernon’s work with
Maharishi on the Vedic literature began
in 1962, when Maharishi invited him to
assist with translation of the Bhagavad-
Gita. Maharishi’s insights into Vedic
knowledge and its practical application
for human life will be upheld and will
benefit life for millennia to come. The
conversations in this book give the reader
a glimpse into a precious phase in the
emergence of Maharishi’s knowledge.


All proceeds from sales go to support Maharishi University of Management.

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