Volume 1: Consciousness-Based Education and Maharishi Vedic Science


This volume describes a discipline, Maharishi Vedic Science, that is the core of Consciousness-Based education.

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Frederick Travis, Ph.D., Volume Editor

Softcover, 440 pp.

Published in 2012

This volume describes a discipline, Maharishi Vedic Science, that is the core of Consciousness-Based education. Maharishi Vedic Science studies the full range of human consciousness—from a self-interacting field of intelligence and creativity at the basis of life to its expressions in the orderly functioning of nature, studied by the objective approach of science, and in the full range of human experiences, studied in the subjective approach of Vedic Science.

The core technology of Maharishi Vedic Science is the Transcendental Meditation technique, a simple, natural, effortless procedure practiced 20 minutes twice daily. Practice of this technique produces integrated brain functioning, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases creativity, intelligence, field independence, moral maturity, and ego development, as well as improving learning ability and overall academic performance. These are striking results, for many of these values level off in adolescence and have not been known to increase thereafter. More than 600 scientific research studies have been conducted on the benefits of this technique; no approach to education has such an enormous body of empirical support.

Maharishi Vedic Science also provides a simple but profound understanding of the fundamental principles and dynamics of consciousness. All human knowledge is the expression of consciousness. If students and teachers understand the basic principles of consciousness, they simultaneously have an understanding of the basic principles of all disciplines of knowledge. Here is the unified framework for all knowledge that philosophers and academic leaders have desired for the past century.
This science and technology of consciousness can be applied at every level of instruction, from kindergarten through PhD, from academic settings to on-the-job training. In fact, it has been applied in schools throughout the US and around the world, with unprecedented results, and verges on becoming a standard part of education.

Maharishi Vedic Science was developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, drawing from the most ancient continuous tradition of knowledge in the world, the Vedic tradition of India. The articles in this volume explore the applications of Maharishi Vedic Science to education from a variety of perspectives.

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