A Symphony of Silence


The stories and interviews underscore the experiences of higher states of consciousness…

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by George A. Ellis

This book is a luminous assemblage of intimate discussions, interviews, and compositions about the teachings and practical programs for the development of consciousness introduced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

In this second edition of A Symphony of Silence, several new voices are added to the chorus of the first edition. A Catholic priest tells us of using TM as part of his inspired vision of the power of love to transform the lives of abused and destitute children from the streets of South America. The founding director of an orphanage and school in Uganda, who likewise brings TM to children in need, describes to us his compassionate resolve to eradicate suffering within his community.

A scientist and his colleagues show us the power of TM to reduce stress and alleviate PTSD in the field of law enforcement. An actor, director, producer, and entrepreneur, explores with us his Innovative projects for inner city students through “Edutainment.”

“It really pleases me greatly the publication of the second edition of A Symphony of Silence. It is a fantastic, very inspiring book. You won’t believe it, but every night before I go to bed, I read and reread each chapter. You don’t know how much I’ve learned.”
—Father Gabriel Mejía

George A. Ellis is the former Director for the Institute for Social Rehabilitation, where Transcendental Meditation was introduced in rehabilitation settings, educational institutions, and developing nations. His first book, Inside Folsom Prison: TM & TM-Sidhi Program, highlighted decades of pioneering and innovative work in the field of rehabilitation. The author’s academic career includes degrees in biology, philosophy, art history, business administration, doctoral research in organizational leadership, and criminology.

Softcover, 700 pages

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