Scientific Research on Transcendental Meditation & TM-Sidhi Program – Vol 7


This new 950-page volume includes 81 papers by 116 authors from 50 universities around the world.It also includes a list of all research findings from Volumes 1–6

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Softcover: 950 pages

Published Year: 2013

A valuable reference for any individual and a crucial resource for every Maharishi Invincibility Center

Areas of study include brain functioning, health, student performance, manager effectiveness, and benefits for society. Reprinted studies include these research findings for the individual and society:

• Reduced high blood pressure

• Reduced atherosclerosis

• Reduced physician expenses

• Reduced mortality rate

• Improved intellectual functioning of students

• Enhanced cognitive development of younger children

• Growth of uniquely high levels of self-development

• Increased integration of brain functioning in activity—growth of Cosmic Consciousness

• Reduced stress and increased leadership of employees and managers

• Long-term reduction of recidivism among prisoners

• Influence of the Maharishi Effect: Decreased Violent Crime in Washington, D.C.; Decreased war violence in the Middle East;
Decreased international conflict and international terrorism during periods of the Global Maharishi Effect

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