Scientific Research on Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program – Vol 8


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This volume includes research that was published primarily between 2005 and
2015. The 73 papers of this volume reflect the collective work of 141 authors from 74 universities,
research institutes, governmental organizations, or corporations in 9 countries: Australia, China,
Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, and United States.
Of the 73 papers, all were previously published, 69 in journals and 4 in books. Of these
73 previously published reports, 70 are full papers, 2 are abstracts, and 1 is a summary of a published
paper. The reprinted papers retain the spelling and referencing style of the original journal in
which they were published, with the addition of a brief editorial summary at the beginning of each
paper. The other text in this volume uses Oxford English spelling.The volume is divided into four parts—Physiology, Psychology, Sociology, and Theoretical
and Review Papers, and these four parts are further divided into 13 sections. Each of the seven
sections of the Physiology, Psychology, and Sociology parts of the volume has an introduction
summarizing the empirical findings of the papers in that section; for the final part on Theoretical
and Review Papers, one introduction summarizes the focus of all of these papers.
In order to place the papers of this volume in the context of the whole body of more than
675 papers in the eight volumes of this series, the volume begins with the forewords and list of
papers from the previous seven volumes. The final pages of the volume contain a cumulative authorindex for all eight volumes. The over 650 authors listed in the author index represent research con-
ducted at over 300 universities, research institutions, and governmental or private organizations in
31 countries as well as Netherlands Antilles and Puerto Rico, published in almost 200 academic
journals. Volume 9 of Scientific Research on the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Pro-
gramme: Collected Papers will contain research papers published since 2015.The findings of the research papers in the eight volumes give a quite complete picture of
the development of human consciousness. They present the leaders in every sector of society with
the practical means to not only solve the problems confronting their area, but to raise the dignity
of human life.

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