Consciousness Is All There Is

A Groundbreaking Book for Our Troubled Times

This fascinating book reveals the fundamentals of happiness, health, and fulfillment in a life well lived and shows how to accomplish them. It dives into philosophical logic and supporting science to explain why consciousness must be primary while matter and energy must be secondary.
Dr. Nader shows you that suffering is unnecessary through illustrations and easy-to-understand examples. You can rise to higher states of consciousness to gain greater freedom and self-reliance, with a profound understanding of how matter, energy, and mind are different aspects of one common reality.
Most profoundly, he shows for the first time in the history of science and human thought how our daily world manifests within Consciousness and how this new paradigm directly addresses the questions we all have:

  • Who are we?
  • How can we be happiest?
  • How can we lead a good life, serving ourselves and others the best?
  • How can freedom be compatible with law and order?
  • How can we meet all our challenges as individuals and as a society, including the environment, genetic engineering, and the rapid development of artificial intelligence?


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