One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness

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David Lynch writes in his prologue to Dr. Tony Nader’s One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness (Penguin Random House, April 1, 2021):

“In this milestone book, Dr. Nader offers ideas that can change the world.

“He gives profound solutions to questions that have long fascinated and intrigued philosophers and scientists alike, covering fields as diverse as the purpose of life, good and evil, what is consciousness, do we have freedom? Is there law and order or chaos in the universe? How to mend differences between the atheist and the believer, determinism and choice? How to make the best out of one’s life, fulfill one’s desires, and create peace and harmony among peoples and nations?

“He offers these solutions based on one simple underlying paradigm that unifies mind, body, and the environment in one ocean of pure being, pure consciousness. A must‑read for any seeker of answers to the mysteries of life, the absolute and ultimate truth.”

One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness: Simple Answers to the Big Questions in Life is now available as an e‑book and is already #1 in three categories on Amazon.