International Journal of Mathematics and Consciousness Vol 3


An editorial introduction to the journal, “Geometry for the Artist” and “Mathematics of Pure Consciousness.

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Volume 3, Number 1


In recent centuries, scientists have found that many phenomena in nature obey physical laws that can be expressed precisely in the language of mathematics. Their successes have led scientific inquiry beyond the physical world to include what was previously considered metaphysical or non-material. Today, an increasing number of scientists are examining the nature of consciousness and its relationship to the human brain.

The International Journal of Mathematics and Consciousness helps fulfill the need for a forum of research and discussion of consciousness and its expressions.

While most models of consciousness propose that it is a product of chemical and electrical behavior within the brain, no current theory resolves the so-called “hard problem of consciousness”—how physical processes in the nervous system give rise to subjective experiences such as experiencing, thinking, feeling, analyzing, and creating. At the same time, it is undeniable that without awareness—without consciousness—we cannot think, perceive, dream, or love. On this basis alone, a scientific journal dedicated to exploring the nature of consciousness is timely and appropriate.

This third volume of The International Journal of Mathematics and Consciousness includes an editorial introductory paper by Tony Nader, MD, PhD. Also included is a paper titled “Geometry for the Artist, An Interdisciplinary Consciousness Based Course” by Catherine A. Gorini, PhD and “Mathematics of Pure Consciousness” by Paul Corazza, PhD

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